What we can offer

Below are a list of services that we offer.

» Meeting Oriented Programs

We have successfully planned and managed more than 500 Meeting Oriented Programs, (MOP) including international conferences and major PR events. After carefully studying each client’s desired aim, we propose the best methods and formats to ensure that their event is a huge success. We can provide every service needed for the successful staging of any event. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping businesses enter new markets in such fields as market research, trade, investment and tourism, both in Japan and overseas. Let us put this expertise to work in crafting meaningful, success-oriented events for your company.

» Market Entry Support

We offer a comprehensive lineup of market entry support services. These include the market research needed for breaking into new markets as well as a host of support services for local business expansion. For example, if a company wishes to market its agriculture and marine products in Japan, we can provide a variety of services that include market surveys in Japan for the target products, serving as your local representative (managing a representative office, creating a website), marketing support such as industry-oriented advertising and PR, media briefings, trade show support (constructing booths, providing interpreters, site management), business matching and various follow-up services.

» Language Services

Our exclusive team of experienced translators allows us to provide the highest quality translations in over 50 languages. This is why our company has come to be known as a multi-national group of professional language service providers. We are able to provide highly-skilled, fast and affordable translation services with a premium on customer satisfaction.

» Design & Printing

We provide a package of services including cover designs & layouts, editing, DTP, printing and delivery for corporate guides, minutes to international meetings, and various other printed materials. Our staff has the passion, technical skill and craftsmanship required to produce the best materials for your needs. Unsurpassed added value will surely make your materials stand out from the rest. In addition to printed materials, we can also handle displays, signboards, banners, stickers, labels, and many other requests.

» Education Program

Our educational programs for children are based on the “Three A’s” of Academics, Athletics, and Art. We are aggressively promoting education programs that strike the proper balance, not only in the area of learning, but also in the areas of sports and art. Recently we have been involved with an internship program that allows students and working professionals to gain practical, first-hand experience at leading US firms, allowing them to engage in academic pursuits within a culturally-diverse environment.