Since we began in 1994, it has been our aim to delight our customers with high-quality services. We want to give our customers the highest satisfaction. That is why we have been working to create a thorough network that can deliver comprehensive solutions, and to build our own unique business systems.

Our team shares an unshakeable mission and a clear vision, working together strategically to build flawless systems that are ready to provide anything our customers could desire. Our spirit is always to excite, stretch and grow together as we continue to take on all challenges.

As a company, we want to go on constantly creating new value, raising our own worth as we contribute to society, creating a secure future together with our customers.

Business Activities

  • » Planning & Operation of Meeting-Oriented Programs (MOP)
  • » Marketing Research and Market Entry Support
  • » Language Services of Interpreting and Translation
  • » Production of Printed Materials and Support Materials
  • » Planning & Operation of Education Programs
  • Company Information

  • » Corporate Name: Global Media Corporation
  • » President & CEO: Masanori Tonegawa
  • » Established: January 1994
  • » Head Office: 7-2-2F Nihonbashi Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024
  • » Tel: 03-5623-6550 | Fax: 03-5501-9031
  • » Email: