Language Services

Our exclusive team of experienced translators allows us to provide the highest quality translations in over 50 languages. This is why our company has come to be known as a multi-national group of professional language service providers. We are able to provide highly-skilled, fast and affordable translation services with a premium on customer satisfaction.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation

We can provide seasoned simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for international conferences as well as general interpreters for business discussions or to serve as accompanying attendants. The best language experts can be assigned for your particular goals and business applications. In order to meet diverse client needs, our staff is ready to provide interpretation services covering everything from Japanese and English to a host of Asian, European, and other languages.

Major Fields of Translation Services

  • » International Conference, Exhibition:
    Project proposal, prospectus, circular, announcement, thesis, research paper, speech script, program, proceedings, others
  • » Company profile, product brochure:
    Company’s outline, product information, questionnaire materials, company data, news letter, website, others
  • » Business, marketing:
    Press release, newspaper & magazine articles, proposal and presentation materials, market research report, evaluation report, trade and investment guidebook, tourist information brochure, others
  • » Finance, monetary, accounting, insurance:
    Banks, financial policy, grant aid, damage insurance, asset management, annual report, company prospectus, profit announcement, accounting and auditing report, financial statements, balance sheet (B/S), profit-and-loss statement (P/L), others
  • » Manuals:
    User manual, promotional manual, sales manual, brand manual, others
  • » Medicine, medical care, medical science:
    Scholarly document, literary document, medicine paper (including manuscripts for possible publication), pharmaceutical company document, others
  • » Contract, patent, certification:
    Agency agreement, employment agreement, lease contract, license agreement, maintenance contract, nondisclosure agreement (NDA), articles of incorporation, corporation charter, rules of employment, copy of corporate registration, various certificates, others
  • Recent Major Translation Works

    *Names of clients are omitted due to confidentiality.

  • » Yokoso! Japan Restaurant & Bar Guidebook
  • » Advanced Second Cell Market Bulletin (monthly)
  • » Japan Thai Economic Partnership Agreement documents
  • » Textile Seminar in Thai speech scripts
  • » Overseas Advertizing Materials of Big Restaurant-chain
  • » Newsletter for Private Investors (monthly)
  • » Foreign Capital Investment Promotion paper
  • » Company rules, Employee manual
  • » Silicon liner research paper
  • » Prosthetic limb rehabilitation paper
  • » Company/product profile of marine processed products
  • » US Market Access Guidebook
  • » Intelligent Transport Systems transcript of lectures
  • » Text-mining Analysis System textbook
  • » Indonesia “Special Assistance for Project Formation” Report
  • » Nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property rights
  • » Articles of incorporation, copy of corporate registration
  • » Patent documents
  • » Inception report
  • » Japan Program for Middle East marketing materials
  • » Various reports of overseas engineering consulting firms
  • » Sri Lanka Interim Report by Electric Power Company
  • » Development assistance related documents and papers
  • » JICA-net Remote Technology Cooperation Project reports
  • » Sumatra Electric Power Development Research Report
  • » Newspaper and magazine articles, publicity materials
  • » IR related documents and materials
  • » Visitor Based Network Service Final Report
  • » Presentation papers for drug makers
  • » 7-language wrist watch user manual
  • » Marketing research report of Korean cars
  • » Outlook of Foreign Direct Investment by Japanese Manufacturing Companies
  • » Agricultural documents for developing countries in Asia
  • » Internet research paper for films
  • » Questionnaire research results on foreign direct investment
  • » Research report on effectiveness of loan assistance
  • » Tracking and telephone research report
  • » Research report on market-scale estimated model
  • » Group interview research report
  • » The Japanese Apparel Market and Imports (annual)
  • » Business strategy seminar textbook
  • » Goal-setting skills seminar textbook
  • » Leadership course seminar textbook
  • » Service quality improvement seminar textbook
  • » Press releases
  • » Environmental report
  • » Marketing support project materials
  • » Report on personnel optimum placement
  • » Agricultural Interim Report of the Philippines
  • » Future vision plan on automobiles’ retail distribution
  • » Consumer awareness survey report on new movies
  • » Bangladesh “Electric Power Sector Program”
  • » Environmental Assessment Report on Natural Gas Development Project
  • » Consultation report on brand-building strategy
  • » Technical paper on medical image device
  • » Employees’ awareness research paper
  • » Preliminary research report on DVD software products
  • » Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • » European Economic Report
  • » Literature on US legislative regulation system
  • » Literature on media regulation of UK harmful information
  • » Literature on Germany’s legislative regulation system
  • » Skin care marketing report
  • » Energy conservation related textbooks
  • » Telecommunications marketing research report
  • » Railway marketing research report
  • » Automobile’s user manual
  • » Yokohama Tourist Information Brochure
  • » ODA post-evaluation reports:
    China “Water Supply Development Project in Local Cities”
    The Philippines “Overall Impact Evaluation of Metro Manila Traffic Network”
    Thailand “Environmental Conservation Promotion Project”
    Thailand “Large-scale Lake Fishing Development Project”
    Thailand “Small-scale Irrigation Project”
    India “Aravalli Range Reforestation Project”
    Sri Lanka “Colombo Waterfront Environment Extension Project”
    Kenya “Nakuru Water and Sewerage Development Project”
    Mexico “Mexico City Air Pollution Abatement Measures Project”
    Thailand “Enhanced Railway Transport Capacity Project”
    Thailand “Bangkok/Chonburi Road Construction Project”
    Country paper, research paper
  • and more...