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We offer a comprehensive lineup of market entry support services. These include the market research needed for breaking into new markets as well as a host of support services for local business expansion. For example, if a company wishes to market its agriculture and marine products in Japan, we can provide a variety of services that include market surveys in Japan for the target products, serving as your local representative (managing a representative office, creating a website), marketing support such as industry-oriented advertising and PR, media briefings, trade show support (constructing booths, providing interpreters, site management), business matching and various follow-up services.

Key Projects of Marketing Research and Market Entry Support
Marketing research projects conducted in Japan:

  • Gift Goods
  • Women's Outer Garments
  • Men's Fashion Accessories
  • Seasoning Spice
  • Furniture
  • Motor-cruisers and Yachts
  • Knitted Sweaters
  • Packaging Materials
  • Toys
  • Women's Wear(1st and 2nd version)
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware
  • Sports and Leisure Goods
  • Japanese Apparel Market

Market entry support services conducted in USA:

  • Marine Processed Goods (preliminary survey, fact-finding visit, entry support)
  • Gift Products (preliminary survey, fact-finding visit, entry support)
  • Women’s Wear (fact-finding tour, entry support)
  • Insurance Situation in the US and Canada (market research)
  • Makeup Brushes (preliminary survey, entry support)
  • Electrolysis Water Generation Device (market research, entry support)
  • Food Supplement (fucoidan) (market entry)
  • Food Supplement (improved immune system) (market entry)
  • Internet TV Conference System (market entry)
  • Survey of Blueberry in the US
  • Environmental Business in the US (preliminary survey, fact-finding visit)
  • Fact-finding Survey of Competitors in the Agricultural Machines
  • Mini Trampoline in the US (Field survey and fact-finding visit)
  • Building Materials (heating insulating agent)(market research, tradeshow, market entry support)
  • Feasibility Study of Dried Bonito
  • Market Trends of Sake (marketing research & fact-finding visit)
  • Market Survey of Bakers’Shops
  • Market Survey of Curry Shop(Survey and visit)
  • Market Trends Survey of Hot Dogs
  • Market Trends Study of Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Market Trends Study of Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Market Trends Study of Water Distribution & Treatment Systems
  • Market Trends Study of Building Materials
  • Market Trends Study of Water Heater Systems

Key Projects in the Promotion of Trade, Investment, and Tourism:

  • Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo (ENIT)
  • ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism
  • Government of South Australia
  • The Republic of Singapore, Economic Development Board
  • Malaysia Industrial Development Board
  • JETRO “Your Market in Japan” Series
  • MIPRO "Information on Best-selling Products" Series
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "Promotion of Imports and the Facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment"
  • Health and Spa FORUM Committee
  • Visit Japan Campaign Related Programs (Japan National Tourist Organization/Visit Japan Campaign headquarters)
  • Polish Ministry of Agriculture, Polish Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Kyoto Tango Tourism Promotion
  • Nagoya Industrial Tourism Promotion
  • Nagano Obuse Tourism Promotion
  • Wakayama Tourism Promotion
  • Aichi Gamagori Tourism Promotion
  • Japanese Food Quality Promotion in the US